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"Royalty" Set

"Royalty" Set


This stunning sequin-embellished Lehenga Choli set is a piece of sheer beauty bound to turn heads. 
Elevate your look with this glamorous, striking full-sleeve sequin choli (blouse). It features an overlay of eggshell bridal sequins embroidered on the main fabric, with cream charmeuse lining on the bust, back, and midriff band. The bridal sequin embroidered mesh portion of the choli's neckline features an ivory daisy lace trim with rhinestones affixed to the center.
Extended latkans with pearls and white/silver cut glass connected by a white dori that stabilizes and holds the blouse's cut.
This stunning and statement-making sequin lehenga (flared full skirt) features an overlay of eggshell bridal sequin embroidered fabric, with cream charmeuse lining extending to the main fabric's pattern, adding a touch of sparkle and glamour.
A one-inch waistband made of the same material and lining as the lehenga features a button adorned with rhinestones, and a 12-14-inch zipper in a natural hue is located on the left front side of the garment.

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