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"A Modern Princess" Set

"A Modern Princess" Set


This lace-embroidered wrap top and palazzo trousers set are the perfect combination of comfort and style.
Soft lace and sequin embroidered fabric sleeves complement the bodice and lining of this V-neck, 3/4-sleeve wrap top crafted with shifting sand-colored crepe-back satin fabric. There is a light beige velvet ribbon tie-up on the interior flap. A felt flower-adorned beige snap-on button secures the outside flap. (An extra snap has been inserted inside for changes.)
The stretch palazzo pant's main design components were ease of use and comfort. These palazzo pants have a shifting sand crepe back satin lining and a mesh base fabric embellished with sequins and lace. A 1/4" wide elastic band was added with stitch-on fabric, giving the appearance of a 1-inch elastic waist.

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