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You Asked, We Answered


Where do your items baby clothes & toddler clothes from?
All of our products ship from Long Island City, New York within 7- 10 days of ordering depending on the order pieces.


Where do you ship to?
We currently ship all over the USA!


How long does it take after ordering to receive my order?
Standard shipping will arrive in 7-10 Days upon order placement confirmation. Upgraded shipping to Priority Mail will arrive in 2-4 Days for additional rates.


What will my items be shipped in?
Orders under 10 items will be shipped in an eco-friendly branded poly mailer. Orders that have 10 items and over will ship in our premium Beige & Bow corrugated box. 

Care & Quality Control

How should I wash my baby clothing or toddler clothing items?
We always recommend hand-washing or running a delicate cycle to wash any of your little munchkin’s clothes.


What material are your baby clothes and toddler clothes made from?
Beige & Bow’s garments are made from a wide variety of nursery materials carefully handpicked that provides ease, warmth and comfort to your little bundles of joy.


How is the quality of your baby clothes and toddler clothes?
The items being handcrafted show that the price points are quite affordable. We hand-inspect all items before shipping, so you can be rest assured that what you ordered will come un-damaged and as-advertised. We will work with you one-on-one to resolve any unforeseen issues that might arise. ​

Products & Manufacturing

Where do your baby clothes and toddler clothes come from?
As we are a small business each of our products are carefully handcrafted with each ensuring quality and originality. We choose fabrics that cater to the needs and wants of your little ones making sure to provide them with the comfort and coziness that they require.

Do you design your baby clothes and toddler clothes?
Yes, we do design and construct all of our baby and toddler clothes. We do look forward to expanding our collection to provide comfortable clothing for new moms in the near future.

The item I want is out of stock, what should I do?
Items in each collection are made on a per order basis allowing the them to never really go out of stock. Certain pieces in sale sections might go completely out of stock when the collections switchover. Feel free to contact us and we will provide an ETA on when the next shipment might arrive. 


Do you have a brick & mortar store?
At the moment we are only an online retail company. The address listed is used for online order fulfillment. We do plan to open our own storefront as we continue to grow further.


Where else can I purchase your items?
Beige & Bow items are currently sold through the Beige & Bow website and through our wholesale partners throughout the United States. We recently opened our brand website and are currently working towards selling them on third party websites like Amazon, and Ebay.

Featured Babies & Brand Reps

How do I get my baby featured on the Better Baby Boutique Instagram?
Beige & Bow will be selecting randomly from the babies who have purchased items from the store and tagged @beigeandbow in well-lit, high-quality photos which feature the purchased items from the Beige & Bow website. We verify purchases before posting and may request the photos through email to prevent loss of quality. 


How do I become a brand rep for Beige & Bow?
Beige & Bow only selects brand reps who are true fans of the company, having promoted the brand in a wholistic way through various social media channels including Facebook & Instagram. Brand reps have demonstrated their ability to promote Beige & Bow's clothing in well-lit, high-quality photos that are consistent with the brand theme. The brand theme rotates on a seasonal schedule and can be found throughout all marketing collateral. To be eligible, customers must tag the brand, Beige & Bow in both the photo & caption of their post on any  social media channels. 

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