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With creativity and meticulous adeptness, Nidhi, the founder of Beige & Bow, amalgamates the concept of luxury and comfort. It exemplifies the idea of a new life and the unspoken bond that a mother shares with her child.

Beige & Bow is a luxury created for moms and their babies to embrace the change and feel beautiful again.

Colors rustic brown and beautiful beige with a hint of bold burgundy indicate the warmth and humbleness of the bond. It signifies soft comfort, a soothing touch, and a warm embrace.

The family has been integral to Nidhi's life since the start. "Family gives a sense of comfort; somewhere you belong." The designer brings this idea of traditional and modern wear, which reflects her personality and the Indian culture that she draws inspiration from.

These one-of-a-kind pieces are crafted carefully with attention to detail and quality with accuracy in every cut, from choosing fabrics to garment construction. Nidhi looks into designing subtle and comfortable creations for your special days to become memorable.

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